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Changes to Payments in 2024

Higher pay for employees

As of 1st January 2024, the minimum wage has increased to CZK 18,900 (a total increase of CZK 1,600). The minimum hourly wage is now CZK 112.50. If you have an employment contract and work full time (40 hours a week), you must not be paid less. We are talking about the gross wage, that is the amount of money before the deductions towards the health and social insurance paid by the employer.

For more information, see the website of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

Health insurance premiums

The unemployed and self-payers

If you do not work, are not registered at the employment office, and the state does not pay the premiums for you (i.e., you are a person without taxable income), the monthly amount you have to pay to the public health insurance system is now CZK 2,552.

The self-employed (‘OSVČ’)

If you are a self-employed person, as of January 2024, the minimum monthly advance payments you have to pay for health amount to CZK 2,968.

Increase in parental allowance

The parental allowance for parents on parental leave has increased to CZK 350,000 (CZK 525,000 if multiples are born). This applies to parents of children born from 1st January 2024 and parents of children taken into permanent care replacing parental care from the same date on. However, parents can now draw the parental allowance only until the child reaches the age of 3 (instead of 4 as before). You are entitled to parental allowance only if you or the other parent of your child are permanent residence holders.

For more information, see the press release from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.