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One-time Support for Self-Employed

The Ministry of Finance and the Financial Administration introduce their direct support programme for self-employed people (OSVČ) economically affected by the coronavirus outbreak. From 15th April until the end of June, they can apply for a lump sum of the maximum of CZK 25,000. The application is very easy to fill out, you will manage to do it on your own even if your knowledge of Czech is not perfect!


The self-employed may receive a compensation bonus for what is called a bonus period, if they have been partially or fully unable to carry out self-employment due to health hazard and emergency measures, especially due to the obligation to close down their facility or to limit its operation, a quarantine of the self-employed person or their employees, child care, a decrease in the demand for their products, services, or other outputs, or termination of the supplies or services necessary for their business activity. The self-employed have to prove that they meet the conditions by way of an affidavit in the application form.


The bonus period is the period from 12th March to 30th April, i.e. 50 days. The compensation support is equivalent to CZK 500 per day, covering the bonus period, i.e. CZK 25,000 in aggregate. To be eligible for the compensation, the self-employed person’s self-employed activity has to be their main activity. There is an exception for people whose self-employment is a secondary activity, providing that they are not simultaneously employed, thus participating in sickness insurance.


The application for the compensation bonus can be submitted to the tax office where the self-employed person usually submits their tax return. You can sand a scan or a photo of your application with your signature by email to the tax office registry. The application can also be submitted via data box, through an interactive form, by post, or in person at the tax office registry.


For details, see the website of the Ministry of Finance.


The application can be downloaded here.

You will be able to fill out the application yourself, it is really easy! Should you need any advice on your situation, take advantage of free counselling provided by the Integration Centre and NGOs.