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Up-to-Date Measures and Movement between Districts

The Czech government has declared a new state of emergency from Monday 1st March until 28th March 2021. The rules on free movement and retail have tightened up and schools have closed down again. 

Information on current measures in Czech and English is available on the website of the Ministry of the Interior of the CR and the Government of the CR.


The Ministry has also drawn up a list of the most frequent questions and answers regarding the restrictions on movement between districts (okresy). For up-to-date information including forms and declaration on word of honour specimens for essential trips, see the website of the Ministry of the Interior of the CR.


Overview of up-to-date measures: 


All existing measures remain in effect with some rules tightened up as of 1st March 2021:

  • It is mandatory to wear at least a medical mask or a respirator even in built-up areas of cities.
  • Respirators are compulsory in shops and on public transport; two face masks are no longer an option.
  • Wearing protective devices is also obligatory at work, with the exception of people working in one room alone.
  • It is forbidden to leave one’s district or the city of Prague without a fundamental reason, such as a trip to work or to a doctor. Prague counts as one unit, which allows for movement across Prague municipalities. There will be random checks in the whole of the republic. If you cross the border of your district, you have to prove that you have a fundamental reason to do so by providing a filled-in form (the specimens are available through the link above).
  • Only necessary trips, such as shopping, and trips to nature and sports are allowed. Trips can only be with members of one household and without leaving the district.
  • Some shops and services have been required to close again (textile haberdashery, locksmith shops, stationary shops, children’s clothing shops and more).
  • First and second years of primary schools and kindergartens have closed as well.
  • Playground operators are recommended to close their playgrounds to the public.