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InBaze offers MENTORING for Foreign Nationals’ Children

InBaze offers regular face-to-face meetings of teenagers aged 12 to 18 and their mentors. The meetings take place at least twice a month and they usually last between ninety minutes to two hours. The aim is to encourage children to do things they enjoy and are interested in.   There are no limits to the time and content of the meetings. Children and their mentors may use the time together to do whatever they like and what makes them happy: attend cultural events, learn Czech, do sports, improve their computer skills, play musical instruments, or do some art.

The mentors who spend time with children have been trained in migration issues as well as developmental psychology. They know how to cope with stressful situations which may occur during adolescence. They also receive methodological guidance during the whole time of their mentoring and they can benefit from supervisions, individual consultations and financial support. They are volunteers who enjoy meeting up with children and bringing something new into their lives.

To learn more information about the mentoring project in Czech, have a look here.

Do you have a child who might be interested in mentoring? Or would you like to become a volunteer yourself? Do not hesitate to contact the mentoring coordinator Vendula Poláková by email at polakova@ inbaze.cz or by telephone +420 733 570 026.