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Attention: Further Changes in Government Measures!

From 20th March, the two-hour shopping window at food stores and shops selling sanitary goods, cosmetics, and other drugstore goods reserved for seniors over 65 and accompanied persons with severe disabilities has been shifted to 7:00 – 9:00 a.m.

Among other things, Czech ministers have passed a bill that will allow parents who are now taking care of their schoolchildren to extend the period for nursing allowance.

The conditions for cross-border workers have been tightened again. From Saturday 21st March, people who commute to work across the border (‘pendlers’) will have to present a special document – a book of a cross-border worker – to be admitted across the border. This document can be obtained at border crossings. Pendlers will receive a stamp in the book from the police every time they cross the border.

For detailed description of the new measures, see the press release of the government.

Source: Facebook of the Czech Government Office