Home News Praguer – a New Mobile App for Foreigners Living in Prague!

Praguer – a New Mobile App for Foreigners Living in Prague!

Praguer – a New Mobile App for Foreigners Living in Prague!

The charitable organisation Prague Integration Centre has developed a new mobile app for foreigners called Praguer. This app is in particular intended for foreigners from non-EU countries and its aim is to provide them with access to important information and contacts and to help them find their way in a Czech environment. It is the first Czech app of its kind and it is also connected to our website pragueforall.cz. It is now available in mobile app stores.

Praguer was developed based on the Prague Integration Centre’s long-standing experience with the integration of foreigners. It is a response to the fact that a lack of information is one of the biggest obstacles of integration. The name Praguer expresses the main idea of the app, which is to make foreigners feel like full-fledged Prague inhabitants. More information about the app is available here.


What does the app offer?

  • Basic information about life in Prague

In the app you will find basic information about life in Prague, which is organised into several topics to help you deal with everyday situations. In the individual categories you can for example get information about the Czech social and education system and learn where to seek help with your business.


  • Important contacts

You will also be provided with important contact information for individual organisations, offices and their departments. These include the offices in charge of the issues related to one’s stay in the CR, healthcare facilities specialised in providing care to foreigners and NGOs which are ready to help you for free with anything you may need.


  • A well-arranged map of institutions

A part of the app is a map in which you can find important institutions near to where you live and look up the shortest way to where you need to get straight away.


  • Several language versions

The app is available in four languages – Czech, English, Vietnamese, and Russian.