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DUMKA Psychosocial Support

The aim of the DUMKA Project is to offer psychosocial support to families fleeing Ukraine due to the Russian invasion.

The team of psychologists consists of Ukrainian and Russian speaking specialists in mental health, health care and social work.

  • Psychological support and crisis intervention
  • Assistance with finding the right medical care and accompaniment to a medical appointment
  • Assistance in dealing with authorities

Services can be ordered through this form.

Contacts: +420 778 979 211, dumka@amiga-migrant.cz

Services are provided at following addresses: DŮM RADOST – Winston Churchill Square 1800/2, Prague 3-ŽižkovKC SVITLO – Malé náměstí Square 9/5, Prague 1 – Old Town

Address of the organisation: KC AMIGA – Belgická 11, Prague 2-Vinohrady