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Follow the Website of the Ministry of the Interior!

The Ministry of the Interior has added a new section to their website. It is called New obligations and information for foreign nationals – prevention against spread of COVID-19. The information is available in Czech and English. We have made an overview of the most important points for you:


  • Foreigners whose stay in the Czech Republic was legal at the moment of the declaration of the state of emergency may continue to remain here for the duration of the state of emergency without any need to arrange their residence status issues.


  • Working hours of the MOI offices are only Monday and Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. The only tasks that may be arranged there are: registration upon arrival including acquisition of biometric data, issuance of biometric residence cards (does not apply to EU citizens and family members of EU citizens), and issuance of the interim visa.


  • All existing reservations have been cancelled! To be able to come, it is necessary to make a new appointment by telephone or email. Interim visas are issued on the spot only to clients who are able to prove their journey by a travel ticket (a reservation is not enough).


  • ATTENTION! Foreigners are not allowed to return to the Czech Republic during the state of emergency!


  • Any other submissions must be sent by post to the address of the locally assigned workplace or to the data box of the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic (ID DS 6bnaawp)!


  • If you work in the Czech Republic as an employee card holder, from March 19th 2020 until the end of the emergency state, you can change your employer or your job position before the expiry of the 6-month period from the receipt of your first employee card. 


  • Due to the COVID-19 situation, the Ministry of the Interior has established an information email pobyty@mvcr.cz, where foreigners may write to ask questions related to the tasks processed by the offices and further procedure.


More information, including useful contacts, is available at the website of the Ministry of the Interior.