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Testing for COVID-19

Antigenic rapid testing
Antigenic testing organized by the government is free of charge every 3 days for insured citizens. The price of testing for uninsured self-payers is between 450 and 500 CZK, depending on the payment method. Antigenic testing is suitable for those who are not aware of having been in contact with an infected person but want to be checked before visiting their family members, for example. The amount of time to obtain the antigenic test result is no more than 10 minutes.

RT-PCR testing
Once you have come into contact with an infected person, you should undergo an RT-PCR test. If you are insured within the Czech public health insurance system, you can get an e-request from your GP and the test will be paid by your health insurance company. The minimal price of testing for uninsured self-payers is 2,000 CZK. If you do not have any GP and need to be tested, you can contact this hotline: https://euc.cz/lekar-online/, charged at 290 CZK, in order to apply for a request for RT-PCR testing. The amount of time to obtain the RT-PCR test result is up to 48 hours.


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source: website of the ICP

On the website of the Integration Centre Prague you will find further important information on coronavirus.