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Rules for International Workers during the State of Emergency

The Czech government has decided to permit international workers to change employers or job titles more quickly, if their new employer is involved in the implementation of crisis measures (e.g. health care activities, protective equipment production, etc.). The permit will be effective until the end of the state of emergency. Under this permit, employee and blue card holders are allowed to change employers sooner than after 6 months and it is sufficient to report the change to the Ministry of the Interior only on the day of commencement of the new job.

On 16h October, the task force for the employment of international workers of the Council for Economic and Social Agreement declared that in today’s emergency situation, we must continue to pay close attention to equal treatment of all employees, regardless of their nationality. As for the imposition of quarantine, incapacity for work, necessary child care, temporary non-assignment of work, temporary restriction or closure of operation of the workplace, order to perform work from home and all similar situations, international workers must be treated in the same way as Czech workers. No abuse of the vulnerable position of international workers will be tolerated. When dealing with international workers, the employers must comply with all extraordinary obligations arising from the system of protective measures of the Ministry of Health (in particular the obligation to wear protective equipment covering the nose and mouth). Any violation of the rights of migrant workers or failure to comply with working and wage conditions by employers shall be strictly penalised by control authorities.