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Permanent Return of a Family to Ukraine: What Needs to Be Done

The Multicultural Centre Prague has prepared a clear information overview for those who help families from Ukraine, explaining what needs to be done if a family is returning back to Ukraine.


Before a permanent return to Ukraine:

  • Biometric passport holders must report their intention to return at KACPU (Regional Refugee Assistance Centre); people who do not have a biometric passport must come to a DAMP office to renounce temporary protection.
  • It is necessary to cancel health insurance – it can be done in writing to the address of a VZP branch. Under Lex Ukraine II, 150 days after receiving temporary protection, refugees from Ukraine cease to be state insured and therefore a failure to cancel health insurance might lead to a debt. This could prevent further legal residence in the Czech Republic in the future.
  • Children of compulsory school attendance age that have been enrolled to a Czech school need to be de-registered from the school. Failure to send children to school might be investigated by the Authority for Social and Legal Protection of Children. Moreover, a vacant place can be immediately offered to another child in need from Ukraine.
  • Temporary protection can also be renounced at the Consulate General at Lviv.

For more information see migraceonline.cz.