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Creative Workshops for Children

There will be more creative workshops for children this year! The Organization for Aid to Refugees (OPU) invites all children aged 6 to 15 to take part in regular creative workshops which will take place once a month.  This year, OPU has come up with a new idea: every half a year, there will be two workshops inspired by a culture of a country. In March you can look forward to discovering Ukraine and in May you can explore Vietnam.

Where: OPU, Kovářská 4, Prague 9

The workshops are free of charge.

Conditions for participants: Children (Czechs and foreigners) have to live in Prague.

The capacity of the workshops is limited, therefore it is necessary to register by writing an email to alena.makovcova@opu.cz.

More information, including the rules for participation, are available on the Facebook page of the OPU community centre.