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Introducing Intercultural Professionals

Do you know who intercultural professionals are and what they can help you with? First and foremost, they are people who speak your language. They know the cultural environment you come from. They may have experienced something similar to what you are going through right now – trying to find your way in a new country and learning a new language. At the same time, intercultural professionals are qualified and experienced experts, who assist migrants and public institutions in communicating with each other, helping to overcome barriers between migrants and the majority society.

Intercultural professionals will help you communicate with public institutions – they will accompany you to an office and interpret your communication with officials. They can also help you with filling in forms, should you need some advice.

Intercultural professionals have a good knowledge of Czech as well as the Czech environment, thanks to which they can help you find your way around life in the Czech Republic and Prague. They are able to provide basic social counselling, recommend whom to contact in your situation, and give you the contacts you need.

A regularly updated list of intercultural professionals in Prague is available on our website. You can find it in the List of Intercultural Professionals tab within the Useful Contacts section. Simply choose a worker based on the communication language you want to use, contact them (on the phone or by email) and arrange cooperation.

How much does this service cost? You don’t have to pay for it! Services or intercultural professionals are provided FREE OF CHARGE. They are paid by their employing organisations – NGOs or municipalities. There’s no need to worry about anything, it is a professional service. Don’t hesitate to try it out!