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ICP Launches Adaptation and Integration Courses

The Integration Centre Prague (ICP) has announced their first dates of the Adaptation and Integration Courses for Foreigners in June 2021. From 1st January 2021, these courses are mandatory for some groups of newly arrived third-country nationals (outside the EU), based on the Amendment to the Act on the Residence of Foreign Nationals in the Czech Republic. The aim of the courses is to acquaint foreign nationals with the rights and obligations related to their residence in the Czech Republic and to introduce the local context and culture. The adaptation and integration courses are based on the successful Welcome to the Czech Republic project implemented as early as from 2012 by the Slovo 21 non-profit organisation with the cooperation of the Ministry of the Interior of the CR. ‘The original idea of the adaptation and integration courses came from the initiative of foreigners living in the CR on a long-term basis. Based on their own experience and in cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior, they wanted to make it easier for newcomers to the Czech Republic to start their new life here.’


The ICP is one of eighteen Centres for the Integration of Foreigners in the Czech Republic that organise these integration seminars throughout the CR The participants of the course will also receive information about important institutions, especially the services of the Centres for the Support of the Integration of Foreigners and other non-profit organisations that offer professional assistance free of charge. For this reason, the ICP has prepared a small brochure with the most important links and regional contacts for the course participants. In addition to the main information portal vitejtevcr.cz, there is also aik.icpraha.com  with basic information about the courses and registration instructions.


The adaptation and integration courses are fee-based, the price for a four-hour interpreted course being CZK 1,500. Registration is only possible on the FRS portal of the Ministry of the Interior.


More information can be found in an individual section on adaptation and integration courses.


Welcome to the Czech Republic – Adaptation and Integration Courses